Jet Lycot, from the house of Jet Knitwear, is one of India’s topmost inner wear and active wear brand that is growing and diversifying its portfolio of products to cater to millennia consumers.


Jet Lycot is known for comfortable garments that are high in fabric quality and design.


The foundation of the eCommerce experience was inspired by an on-the-go lifestyle and urban creative. 


The focus was to provide the user an elevated shopping experience through quick access to relevant products as well as enhance the experience through multiple browsing journeys that allows users to search by occasion as well as the traditional methods, such as color and style.


The campaign breaths a fresh-vibe in the inner-wear segment which is heavily focused on the 'macho' aspect.


Jet Lycot breaks the clutter through vibrant imagery that connects better with a younger audience and has a tremendous social appeal.


The brand’s visual identity on social platforms reflects uniqueness, differentiation and everyday inspiration to do better and be better. 


The brand connects with millennia through visual communication that is in context with their everyday lifestyle.